Thursday, October 30, 2014


this memes war, wheat meat,
an actualised concept, l’art du
tampon, sabermetrics, plus one,
murphy bed, second tithe,
antilogical arts, frontin’, the
rest is dross, erotic haiku,
ephectic, water pups, a complete
history of death, just at the
end of nineteen-ninety-one,
night field, let’s adjust,
ommegang abbey, bad for the
rubber, mgb cluster, lookism,
neurofeedback, concrete
wallpaper, buddleja, divid,
make a sign, pronounce picabia,
coming guppy, hallucinogenology,
endpoint in quotation marks,
baecker westmoreland, valiant
enterprises, mehrl, heddwch,
best erotic mailart, snaillymail,
dodo dada, festuccia tabacchi,
dreams the psiquiatric, copy
repair, genuine folds, the fear
of going mad, otherlessness,
are you prepared to let
reality go, the folds is
a clue, we lost face,

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