Friday, October 17, 2014


solophobia, recycle your money,
prison skills, plantar fasciitis,
través, metatarsalgia, upeksa,
apatheia, coin tain, unibrow,
bebe vanderview, cl cluster,
make a pretty, beatlick, hot
and cold carport exposed, ain’t
nothin’ but uh thang, mirliton,
schmiffisms, grid room
technique, clusters of punctate
radiopaque foreign bodies,
paralysergic, telegold, zen sex,
you own the phrase, not a
pine, the gulags, talk about
me, everything louder than
everything else, this transition
will never end, the last train
to kakan, infinite in all
directions, gynesis, images
from the floating world, the
violence of representation,
crito phaedo, art blakey big
beat chess, kyotologic, kranked
roam, extended noland, joe
brainard i remember,
language to cover a page,
social theory and health,
relational aesthetics,

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