Saturday, October 25, 2014


quiscalus quiscula, the fed
ex factor, period piece number
one, the gold standard, toe
suck fairy, cut the confusion,
a bunch of light, tambroise,
csccpb cluster, all in the
sky, the turquoise sky,
hayao miyazaki, pretty mouth,
sabadell, dordrecht, anni di
antitrust per le persone,
woodland hills, charlebois,
focalin, egalia, risperdal,
willimantic, carden, an orange
box for the adult tapes,
naked liberty and the world
of desire, anarcho-phobia, the
urge to destroy is also a
creative urge, indifference
to social tradition, nooze-
lettuh cult, spouge in
the wind, tawak, menaud
chien, long distance cult,

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