Sunday, October 05, 2014


interpersonal adaptation
theory, the harmonic balancer,
stressed desserts, paper fee,
mcg cluster, amero, bazank,
drop the particle, cosplay,
mahatma gumby, ostion,
a bio-filtering living wall,
cairo hundreds of egyptians,
the logotype, theory of mind,
sovereign default, clusterface,
djuna’s buboe, stegano, i
think we need to rethink,
me cooking meat, degrees of
irreality, double-sided
colour, junky star, he looked
smug, prof joan harrison,
imagine peace, arte grezza,
grigori sarabi, we knew the
original, emaciated
sakyamuni, pink glue,
zentak grotesk, gar seventy-six,
document storage solutions,
the glue made the ink run,
hire a photographer, post-it
note and all, we absorb,
claudia ligorria, broche
silk, grutto, celia cruz,

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