Monday, October 20, 2014

"odobenus rosmarus"

solophilia, the phrase jumped
the shark has jumped the shark,
librae solidi denarii, routine
shopping, scmclb cluster,
trying to get a pen to work
scraps, research in motion,
plain dealer, the long pig,
graydon beach, campsite home
especially, tewn tahnjuh,
sut jhally, sunburned
newsprint, sun eaten info, if
i never see her face again,
the name of the font spoils it,
we had a one-sided day,
television blue, solo aesthetics,
aeshna canadensis, odobenus
rosmarus, marred souls,
ben insects, chander, a more
organic process, other honey,
picturing the social
landscape, feldmann women
in prison, serra verb list
compilation, the bowery in
two inadequate descriptive
systems, the structure of
the artistic text,
inl, every building on
one hundred west hastings,

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