Saturday, October 11, 2014


making noises, no author, stop stopping,
image hunger, situation in control,
twenty-six options, head maintain,
murder of a poet, the vat inside (is
empty, daze our wasting, grailing,
don't message with me, prisonified,
not what i meant by staying put, get
found!, frames (cucumber, city
person, already at the lake (twice
over, my calm lost, one daze to the
neck, library sourz, present
differences of interpretation,
people from new york and toronto
and chicago and edmonton, sit and
exchange tales, the use of megaphones
by the clearance military, a few
hours of mystic happiness, thru
the maze of lanes, an aroma of
coffee beans, her geoduck pail,
we possess nothing, to shoot
marvelous strength into my
heart, a little green hemisphere
of moss, nothing but moss, the print
of her hand perfect on the wallpaper,
scannable, coulda been there by
now, bean here, outdoorified,
automotionless, suffer thru,
irreconcilable (difference,
back mark up, you've been collected
, no more room, enough said?, times!,              

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