Friday, October 24, 2014


telecult, tuumbaq, zamarono,
essex vajazzle, sexorcism,
living room wall painted
orange, miss kokuho, rcoc
cluster, xerxes irani, the
gap band, squat concrete,
yanked-up concrete, john
hulcoop, mprsnd, primitive
accumulation, tawakani
error, a thousands words,
wolf fold, battlements,
beignets, the fattest woman
in the world, nik beat, i’m
going to be a grandfather,
john snow house, flywheel,
continental airlines, prince’s
island playground, cyo
clubhouse, kensington
riverside inn, unsportsmanlike
conduct, the area on tenth
ave, sunday at five-thirty,
the uptown, objuscation,
constructive ethos,
zeichenbuch, finnländische,
ridgewood, san isidro,
that house on fifth,
laughs but not leafs,

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