Tuesday, October 14, 2014


monotropism, polytropism,
attention-tunnel, gabba gabba
hey, situatives, plushophilia,
orgasmic meditation, slow
sex, revolving editor system,
ccfsmg cluster, mccormick,
gueberschwihr, server phrase,
jocka mo feeno hey, knismesis,
gargalesis, spinal stenosis,
orange bittersweet single-
origin chocolate tarts, apfig,
clockless, ssi poets, shed their
orange skins, goji, noni,
mangosteen, the ell-fortyone
house, orange wave, what does
the year eighteen ninety-nine
mean to you, mort to come,
neuralgia plough, read
orange, canadian devils,
art booklet not attached,
who was wdlt, well it’s
attached now isn’t it,
heed the third eye,
generation steamheat, in the
halo of death, see colour
sheets for more, background
art, livut, yuh the fo, add
fold, toner friction,

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