Thursday, October 16, 2014

"hechscheri grylio"

zotepine, amphipod, hormotional,
sameless shelf, yoga pants,
bunga bunga, ink on ink,
waterman, courier think, ob
cluster, eight oh two, confronted
with no language, lindenhurst,
the last of the green x’s,
nachrichten, hunlun shan,
hechscheri grylio, gap
insurance, schizofreak, single
is an error, war needle,
snygga, don’t i get at the,
printshock, fetish girl, the
seven crimes of azincourt,
the sexual paradox,
revaluation of all values,
this is your brain on movies,
in praise of folly, quantum
psychology, word burials,
the transparent society,
kuo tempting faith, hustle
and flow, the challenge of
leisure, spectacular realities,
colin smith krupskaya, al
neil slammer, sports and
resistance, an art of the

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