Monday, October 13, 2014


neuroglia, wakeboard tower,
bile-based literature, heather
gray, postalranto, metallic papers,
limited edition mass production,
wolleb, ginseng drinkers, pro
captu lectoris habent sua fata
libelli, cum ipsi majores, pilar,
an interstice mossy snuggish,
crash cluster, pfaffenheim
pinot gris, green stripe cluster,
looking for a hole, jumbo
chickens, cocw cluster, cbn,
we ink lieu, letterfounder,
the situation is hoboness,
poultney, storm barn, edifice
complex, dixie lily, the self-
that-dies, blitzkrieg bop,
pencil versus green felttip,
hoke emptied all charged,
chester arthur, punning on
concrete, beemster, this
just needs to be rubber-
stamped, show us your,
orange read, let’s plough,

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