Friday, October 03, 2014


seka, islamicism, grandfathered
in, saint ambroise, minneola
ginger, cgomb cluster, a hint
of lead, sillybobbles, quinzee,
nalguitas, postcivilization,
life-biomass, thimerosal, send
one penny, negroni, justifier
dial, karelian bear dog,
black anarchy, you only have
one piece of the puzzle,
maybe the blur is in your
eye, is that a word there,
greist, god’s burn, ack
daniels, fuck you charlie,
rosemilk, mobilis, hell
michigan, had dock, hadcrap,
hung like a horse, operator
sixty-nine, oy! , bawa,
chateau merde, lit lump,
lost virus, murrum, no lint,
dog lichen, beebeebee, the
rumbled god, my trash
thinker, how are you making
these marks, hoodoo how,
my floody thought, neck
turd, your fragrant
hamster, blabsnout,

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