Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"macy who"

flowfold, spiritual post, pyl,
mojito, pencil skirt, high
contrast will create the effect,
ommegang, puurs, canola
versus, the stain is a sign,
bow to flow, do you plan to
produce, try to look at the
poem in a new way, what do
the numbers signify, gigantic
url, nadie aguanta la
podredumbre pero todos
esquivan al muerto, the
owners of the fluxus, gar
number seventy-seven, write
legibly, dominate yourself,
might do a revised edition,
no more paradoxes, please
revise, we need a new
coolhunter, unconventional
metrics, influencing
machine, knotters, ryokan,
finding yourself blind,
macy who, we have some
empty to fill, paper
mirror, shitting together,

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