Saturday, February 28, 2015

"humber ossing neville"

poetland, coordinate for a happy-
hour event, needs are for junkies,
think of insomnia as a form of
meditation, pallet load ticket,
how far above the water do your
nostrils need to be, rubberstamp
friction, the first day of spring
snow, face filter, cmck cluster,
i am on journal two-seven-seven,
humber ossing neville, use an
imaginary staple, ysfc, the
collapse of heaven and earth,
ojai orange, spasex, beate: o not
hinder that which hears it,
daikon, desi: sona heera, poets
on welfare society, finsterium,
rp twenty-three, left blank for
a good reason, the core of me
eyes, obsessive compulsive

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