Saturday, May 02, 2015

"saint padma"

whinchat, circular political
spectrum, rst and slt, chamam,
cc cluster, remarks on the
foundations of mathematics,
ugly but honest, veragraph,
rnt, a pasha, non-poetry, visit
intel, saint padma, half
magpie half bluebird, dickson
avenue, echo dale park, the
hill we used to climb,
villebois, unpredictable ink
paper interactions, if you were
exposed to chemical weapons,
sustainably sourced, caffeine
psychosis, roxygen, mexicanind,
jill stanton carbonmade,
george acheson, espace musique,
upstudio, denelle mcgillivray,
bau├žan, artcentral pop-up,
boucherat building, the ga,
jenine marsh, the grain exchange,
todd rederburg, hugly
mangry killdren, jamelie
hassan, whodunnit art,
uppercase magazine,
kristopher weinmann, zack
at mocca, calgary dollars
specimen, verticalwhite dot
com, arucha, emmedia,

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