Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"het groene hart"

got voice?, ouham, het groene hart,
e-wing escort starfighter, bloed
zweet and tranen, hopesick, the
dorado or maki-mahi, h not k, flip
it the bird, the perfect malware,
the origins of fascism, anomalous
substance, fairy circles namibia,
striations, bioinformatics, spec
lid, bmp cluster, roger ramjet,
islamo-fascism, christo-fascism,
mieux vaut un désastre qu’un
désêtre, les non-dupes who
errent, real or concrete,
striate writing, new day rising,
one will be on the bus, there
will never be a last i lamp
sand cluster, once a-maying,
a gentle tether of infinite
length, lobster pots, printer
testsheet project,

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