Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"religious ecstasy"

robert the bruce, little blue
butterflies, expensive and
shitty, damn missed a beat,
thirteen-oh-six to thirteen-
twenty-nine, the price of a
nine volt battery, bm-nine
cluster, street hawker songs,
zarico, shape note hymnals,
religious ecstasy, gathering
of the dervishes, submerged
eroticism, supercinematic,
black puppy chinese booze,
postmodern digital capitalism,
the marketing of marxism,
du kannst denn du sollst,
pure autistic jouissance,
passage à l’acte, a push-
towards-the-real, concrete
socio-political engagement,
spirit of sixty-eight,
permissive society, parliament
of fools, sia, you got ink on
your knuckles, copy clusters,
lines where the toner never
laid down,

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