Sunday, May 03, 2015


readcast, bebble, bumble-puppy,
orgy-porgy, abuse of cheese,
enthusiastically hurting a
clouded, harper calls on europe,
gazpacho, haustorium, functional
electrical system, age-otori,
synsepalum dulcificum, kowai,
dobozite, aphaeresis, doshite,
oshamanbe, ten dollars, demille
technical books, first as tragedy,
mnt grn brn, cuteness is power,
sp mode, letters from the
devil, lamps and rug not included,
corcoran, csatf, humans cannot
ever, symbolic efficiency,
white spots, risk society,
postmodern society, concrete
universality, informational
society, nomenklatura, come
home at the end, elk clash
horns, in haiti the capitalist
exception, ehc owes, noli me
tangere, visit bloke, winchat,

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