Thursday, May 21, 2015


the supreme moment, keotane,
god particle, risotto, bluks, no:
blunks, gerbera, markov
switching multifractal,
manhattanization, tangerine-
flake, one bird book, van nuys,
oncozine, ink for the future,
indian flame and pizza, try
something new mister routine,
cinnamon tuba cluster,
roctober fifty, used magazine,
korsakov’s syndrome, bubastis,
empty cans of habitant, the
commons, substanceless
subjectivity, the time of
the end of time, post-humans,
communitarianism, fail
better, obscure disaster,
regulative idea, ethical
socialism, from in-itself to
for-itself, rage potential,
rage capital, the candy
snatchers, robot rock,
kreplach, what was the
accordion metaphor, font
lacks, entering a blue phase,
fireworks of love, captain
biology, plausible deniability,
return to terrapin,
amphipod, curriculum,

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