Thursday, May 07, 2015

"how to become a smooth operating nomad criminal"

tomorrow never happens, ak-mak,
heterodon platirhinos, salary
database trigger, enviropigs,
china syndrome, the paysage
of time, free rubberstamp
impressions, john dall, the old
y, stillpoint, saget montlouis,
a printable moment, ccmbw
cluster, artists stampede, lieb
grucke, moticons, intentional
fabric, how to become a smooth
operating nomad criminal, du
manger en canne, five minute
friend, strange and beautiful
three, pure vispo, frosst books,
subject supposed to know,
subprime, under-banked,
alberta printmakers, tipping
over the tables at the
anarchist bookfair, this can
go, poos, pretty problems, nods
project, death effect and
artistic quality, welcome to
the chaos dimension, please
add to and pass along,
smutifier, microfrob,
cannabis font, prince fifty-
four, conceptual anti-

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