Saturday, May 23, 2015


loveflow stoppage, loveglitch,
provocations to reading, the
possibilities of reading, major
gumption traps, derecho, the
chain of human events, chillwave,
halftoned, the choice is
extremely hard, lexis, daddy
issues, russell’s teapot, krpe, it
takes two weeks to get your
film developed these days,
jville mild italn, cecropia,
a nice ribbon, i was hoping there
would be a bit of overspill,
the very last waterdrop to
disappear, she still keeps coming
back to haunt me, hyundai
benecity, busan, un tantino
più liberi, barga, floor rolling
event, void of collage, hey ray
hay, ray johnson holes, the god
of collage, marcia tucker,
comes in a bag, e il futurismo
concede il bis, a muse, drink
yourself free, il faut être
absolument moderne, lacanese,
ordinary signifiers, the
master-signifier, the part
of no-part, the public use
of reason, really existing


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