Wednesday, May 27, 2015


reach ahead, temecula, ironic
love, alteregomania, dialectical
behavioral therapy, callow
freak, lucid dreaming, aloe
barbadensis, paullinia cupana,
crocosmia, san dimas, darshan,
asbergerational, kel wire,
pandit, personal mythology,
another woman’s hand, black
medic, brandt tax, clb cluster,
cgb cluster, beautiful freak
tattoo, the old why, saint
bernardus tripel, amo mao,
psychosocial dysfunction, barp,
the muted posthorn, the death
grip problem, troubadour thru
the door, pass-a-grille beach,
kyt, worst cave scenario,
propina, trailing membranes,
any time is poem time, zen ipa,
bunch tax, photocopier broke,
caretni, walkenberg, albert
struise, seedless tax, obbw
cluster, watou, trappistenweg,
cbn, the polaroid swinger,
coast editioned houses,
collagicle, rant on against
peat, failed states index,
urbivores, la usa,

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