Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"no shamanic teetotalers"

the brinksmanship of love,
echizen kurage, kingyo, my
brain is on the fritz, suck
it and see, cambazola, ocb
cluster, kingfisher fl, with
the addition of all, but
that’s no longer the same
game, fifth element, palm
oil, financial health,
madagascar is the bread-
basket of south korea,
biofuel crops in ethiopia,
cutlery culture, voice project,
text tiles, trying to find
something that might
interest you, being strong
means, where the c-train
meets the greyhound, we
as in what, she took me on
a joyride, i’m a heavy drinker
not an alcoholic, rien it in,
reeled it back in, no
shamanic teetotalers, call
me free, one needs a gizmo,
skip the vino, rather be
doing dishes, mail me more
evil stuff, cinq cinq cinq,
kill a flower for me,
head full of lyrics,
describe the fireworks,

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