Thursday, May 14, 2015

"symptom slash fetish"

conturbo, rod middle, brita,
cogy cluster, seedles,
addicted to nothing, real
and personal... to the letter,
living in the last of days,
refusal-to-know, society of
choice, the university discourse,
objet a, why am i that name,
that which is not an object,
the care of the self, envers,
other scene, symptom slash
fetish, the last thing the
subject sees, singular returns
of the repressed truth,
greimasian semiotic square,
still perfection, fgm, fou,
hang on to the blank,
ecocide, up the contrast,
let me pencil you in, you
got the dates wrong up
there, there’s no hiding art,
hyalophora, bombus, they
seem to have taken care of
the staircasing, quidam,
generate choice, the cost
of building, easymax
floating rate, ccemc,

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