Monday, May 18, 2015

"chelonoidis nigra abingdoni"

the final i lamp, put it under
the ping pong ball, graphene,
adventures in consciousness,
john snow, repetition man, fate
the traitor soul, hot pink flap,
four oh nine four, cclc
cluster, deonnel, chelonoidis
nigra abingdoni, data-sharing,
shenzhou nine, pholepsy, a
cluster of mushrooms, human
experience even in cultural,
concrete bellies, canudos,
the inevitable text, canadian
icons, erotophobia, why is it
cut, what are you going to
do with all these, the moment
the ink ran out, ganesha
gungsuh, qingxue, gar ninety-
four, all different all the
same number sixty-four, real
blurr, application label,
na’am sea gee igen, jiao zhou,
m green field, adjusting a
muslin for the large bust,
tak yes sim ja, ten of a thing,
ray johnson has been listed,
vanderbilt money, missed a
beat, incongruous meeting,
teper, temp copies, angles two,
that’s a lighthouse,
prickly pear garden,

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