Tuesday, May 26, 2015


amour fou, clusters of eyes,
glad day politik body, dark-sided,
charka not chakra, slim
cessnas auto club, quora, kia
ora from aotearoa, frigorific,
i’m in the system, saint
bernardus triple single, four
oh one one, bb cluster, the
dream of tara, you can share
these, multiple things not
being resolved by the first
assessment, smoothly she
shifted, layette, it’s worth
the rift, blank for two o’clock,
let it go or force it out, my
penis self, doing acid in the
forest, ugly determination,
anarchy of love, a private use
of reason, think freely but
obey, world-civil-society,
political self-cleansing,
audacity of hope, structural
readjustments, signum
rememorativum, the jena
manuscripts, common
humanity exists, postmodern
poetry of diversity,

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