Friday, May 08, 2015


zine-o-matic, risograph,
master soft today, ibidem,
going pear-shaped, luser,
concrete crashes through two
floors, crosshole sonic logging,
dettaché case, scindapsus,
cluster analysis, seedless
carrots, this is not the stuff,
are you in the system, ccssogb
cluster, ride the one, asi
kickstarter, foreign currency
trance, dominic and abby
maryk, c six zero one six nine
four six, clearwater twenty
cents, jdrf, a mulligan, slow
photography, concrete pearl,
sealed in concrete, haskap
bush, honey berry, concrete
socio-economic conditions,
instrumental reason, eco-
capitalism, over-identification,
dispositif, aum sign,
canadian gothic, jet league,
tomorrow’s commodities,

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