Friday, May 01, 2015

"an elf on acid"

padmasambhava, zef, happenings
concrete, kawaii, rule by
cuteness, kogepan, clusters of
invention, consistent with the
historical evidence, arrive in
clusters, ilunga, blood of a
concrete poet, silanes, shon, my
kingdom for some blank,
byggg cluster, pulled all the
hair off the rubberstamp,
almost a reflection, vistek,
disopyramide, saree, aisthesis,
scriptments, pop-up architecture,
kuru, fcz bloomsday twelve,
pink tube, an elf on acid,
tender anthelia, fuzzcap,
upagina, permutations of
the pages, fix nada, art,
uncharted art, uncha,
zappa ref, spot the saint,

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