Friday, April 30, 2010

"anarchy rain"

read it as if it were
in pitman’s shorthand, play
random, why am i having
trouble finding the cenotaph?
aha!, don’t let the live language
die, turn the radio from noise
to, art is not gold, happiness is
birthday in the back of dad’s car,
caps van, visual voodoo buddha
node, i enjoyed it to the teeth,
and the empty too, i wrote you
in prison, i feel like a space
liner, my hand and your breast
touching, crap back, crap forth,

bit by bits, rifle file, we
are getting our mental map
worked out, cane association,
when the paper is blank it
seems there is something
missing, sunlight the thing
itself, anachōrein, ain’t got
no face, the merest tich,
even the ugliest piece of
shit canned be turned into

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