Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FEB 23 2008 (5:30 pm)


1) the “Glenmar Shimmy” before they painted it
2) six kumquats in a silver colander
3) i don’t even recognize your face anymore
4) little boy up on an army tank
5) what else did we learn about Kipling recently?
(David Markson – This is Not a Novel )
6) the “Glenmar Shimmy” in blueish grey & in
reddish gray
7) who wants a picture of the “Glenmar Shimmy”?
8) tryal one
9) tryal two
10) tryal three
11) tryal four
12) kumquats like easter eggs
13) we had someone in mind when we took two photos
14) it’s a war town
15) behind the mural: booze
16) anyone else want a photo of the “Glenmar Shimmy”?
17) i thot you were perceptive
18) back when the sun was blazing on the keys (typer)
19) didn’t you realize your pants were open?
20) trust Barlow to spot the demon
21) before they even built it
22) before your teeth even came in
23) the graffiti is speaking to you
24) is that a Sherman tank?
25) think of the tank as a work of art
26) just try to get your sanity back, okay?
28) you look sooo goofy! oh, i love you!
29) what are you propping? that’s what i don’t see
30) a better picture of the kumquats! (print 10A)
31) self-portrait of me by my son (12A
32) [or 24 AA? …illegible… ]

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