Friday, April 23, 2010

"chainy" & "tumbth"

i’m thru with trying to sort
shit out, you put other people’s
money where your mouth is,
my eyes can’t focus on text
anymore, this is the end,
chainy, let’s go with this one frag-
ment, i hope i’m not disturbing your
meditation, i vote for insanity!, midrash,
I’ve, didn’t, i have, i hate
concrete, idaho is practically canada!, i think
i know that guy, this poetry’s gonna make me
barf, do we have what it takes to publish
this shit?

lu, now i love you now i don’t, toner
pure toner, separated head, sonn you
will be living in a, why didn’t i complete
that thot, maybe you are the cap, only
the therapist benefits from the therapy,
perfect shortcomings, erudition cop hhhhh-
herringbone, eager for human contact, slit
your aorta, death penalty? death reward,
psychopathological art seventy-nine
dollars and ninety-nine cents, christian
fascism, snail and iris, clubmoss is
not in the moss club, microfossils,
magnificent butterfly hat, tumbth,
a bumper sticker stuck on the back of
his hat, sudden gust whips black hat back
on, can i get a breakdown on that,

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