Thursday, April 22, 2010


folding back the other way along
the crease, locked in, successpool,
boxed in, after the war, a
bounded infinity (co-curve, a
building housing, wild lines,
inside, missing fishbowl, i’m an
us too, do you like this garden,
total eclipse of the blue moon,
escapement mechanism, in
trance it if, boundary
condition, preprint, tell us,
renormalization group,
perturbulence, nobody mentions,
rarification?, the end of the game,
the end of the language game,
superstring of words,
p)article by p)article, kind of big
but perfectly good, gooey,
still nobody, your epitaph,
a fistfull of dollars, not an
error, icing ∴ i yam, nutmeg
trips, infernal forces, a
name to hide behind, about
the same time, anti-particles,
beyond my newt, the honey truck,
overdoing it, cost analysis,
out that way, ze(r/n)o, bank nab,

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