Monday, April 26, 2010


not starting, which way it goes,
blers below, take another shot of,
profit is enjoy, leave it stuck,
double oh vee 99, she’s dead: you
can tell she’s dead, manage to
circulate, saint ultra fidelity
frequency, there is only one of us,
fill it & fly it, as far as font
flows, alka or ali, not having
access to the code, please print
clearly, you know what to put
in the box, you wanna letter!?,
the books we will be buying (if,
trance human, □, taken into
the record, trance peirce,
marks book, finding the new
rhythm, underdetermination,
not sent, plowing thru lang=
uage, guardin’ the garden,
imp arts, meta-symbolic plane,
already shut out, into the
garberator!, trade editions,
anti-epistemology, on the clip,
chronic logic, the ungotten to,
om, not arrived at yet, diff-
erence is difficult, faintest
impression, all that invite
white, he comes a cropper, unclue,

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