Thursday, April 29, 2010


no fly, is, are you going to sign?,
detach here & now, rematerialize,
depleted uranium, papertiger,
booze can work for a while,
the writing itself, mibbled,
a text producer, all the estates,
less agreesive, a popular case,
the other side of a, 6, attacks
on shelter, o memory, no library
big enuf, be honey, protractor
isolater from the bush, change!
, sugar shackin’ up, english
immersion, they’re all the same
aren’t they?, chick’n out, unread
something (debrief?), falling
a part away, cam-shafted,
whisky rub adub, do you think
that you are real?, get the
bulk price, tear & us, one
instead of two, mister to
you docter, look at together,
leper dozing, shall we say,
delete as appropriate, post-
date, changing lifestyle?,
see de en’, bound & unbound,
notes away from, ticked &
unticked seconds, machine
written, caught on video mon,

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