Sunday, April 18, 2010

FEB 24 2008 (pm)

“On the Way to Oysterville, WA”

1) spot the magic
1) coming in from the ocean
1) are you sure you wanna scratch that itch?
1) it ain’t easy getting to a place like this
1) come back! come back, my son!
1) people love to see explosions!
1) moment not really captured
1) little bird, who made thee?
1) how come no one appreciates me?
1) little boy, who made thee?
1) a repeat of a dull moment
1) close to 100 birds flying in unison
1) seeming unison
1) flying over the surface of another planet
1) the birds are flying & you are flying too!
1) it’s their job
1) the feet you used to kick me
1) the last time you smiled at me
1) there’s a pattern in the rubble
1) it’s too bad she didn’t use it
1) what wizardry drew us?
1) is that a real hand or is that a rubber hand?
1) send it to: everyone
1) you failed to watch your step
1) not exactly smiling there
1) what you are missing might be returned
1) a big piece of seaweed
1) swing it around like a bolo (?)

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