Wednesday, April 28, 2010

strikethru deferred

reterioration, co-ordinary,
sign it!, write legibly in
block capitals, trance scribe,
paper article, no right, blow
gob, vaticandnympholeptic, gee!
gee!, fractional works, at the
risk of offending you, with
egress, severe hangnail problem,
what grade are you in?, bad
subjects, concrete individuals,
form arcs, heat ticks, the
other news, self-determined
& free to participate in the
marketplace, no voice over,
inter-agential process, what
letterhead! what a signature!,
the computer can’t do that,
samplah!, sight gags,
express an interest, tackle
the letter a, know what that
spans for, deferred, just
a photocopy, void where legal,
net her over, bpra, good skunk!,
the setting copy, trance
linguistic, wall of words,
unnam’d forms, composition
by opening, for copyright
purposes, propaganda organ,

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