Monday, April 19, 2010

"skeltonic verse"

an actual miracle, &, machine id,
a mere paradox, now’s your big
last chance, a mere miracle,
reconstituting, a done trance
formation, inside the ccoon,
revealing a little, guppy read,
sharing a father, new men on
earth, skeletonic verse, just
your self, gysm on the sill of
her window, [grunt], my us,
scratch , still available, ring
what you bring, stay away
from my head, non-meeters,
dirt-eater, not quite making
chaos, arse poetica, attention
to lurid detail, can still catch
the late show, bluemoonface,
eye spy with my little i, put
counting in poem, repeat
mistakes?, a vulnerable grisly
bear, not a mistake but i
allude, what sort of machine
to open letter?, predetacht,
a bigger window, the wilt
to power, what we have to do
we can do, what we want to do
we do, e2 , cybird’s eye view,
had it won, it wood halve, hope,

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