Saturday, April 24, 2010


artical, keeping horse, incorrect
bird usage, all rendered, not
clicking anymore, just sign the
fucking thing!, the old printers,
bounce back, tear sheets, by?,
a kind of pig, about nothing
beyond the frame, free void,
eternal structure, on the old,
at the beginning of the twenty-
first century, span for, eggs
at yer gate, collect them all,
air candy, seeing a for the
first time, too much slugger,
it’s huard to be a loon,
exc ess express, unlicensed
dealer, idling inertia,
push further & further
west, fist logo, he likes the
fractals, manned all brought
set, let, the corner of main
& hastings, a making, chaos
comics (printzine, a return
map, micronetwork, a big
many-body problem, not at
escape velocity, infinite
egress, exnew, why new?,
hot heavy collapse, limit
cycles to, globular cluster,

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