Sunday, April 25, 2010

circa MAR 01 2008

1. some sort of anatomy thing
2. “six” (defn.
3. goes in to (goesinta) (guzinta)
4. not exactly the nicest manuscript, but…
5. copy goes forward
6. this information will deteriorate.
7. good old pasquini, still kickin’
8. the xerographic sweetspot
9. on beyond the sweetspot
10. it need not be completely original
11. the companion piece is going to get lost
12. we are using the term “original” very loosely
13. this is becoming illedgible (sp.?)
14. even tho it is totally illegible we can still read it.
15. here’s the original original.
16. how can you use the word “all” anymore?
17. the crap I photocopy is better than the crap you photocopy
18. you died before I had a chance to say “thank you”
19. coffee filters & red rubberstamp ink.
20. writing on the paper is not an improvement
21. move the money while it is still hot
22. seven cents a side, that’s 14 cents (production cost)
23. julius caesar was stabbed 23 times
24. thank you for letting us use your money
25. razorblades in his soul
26. how come this rubberband died & them ones survived?
27. One Candida Three
28. you are not likely to forget your first phone #
29. could conceivably come in handy at some point in the future
30. one needs a little (big?) phone book
31. he was an asshole, but he treated me fairly
32. enmax stage
33. mike, buddy mike, you know

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