Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MAR 02 2008, 10:26 (am)

1) a little sign to mark the fact.
1) oh, you want the actual penny!
1) @ one meaning . com or . ca
1) zero tolerance destroys lives
1) i hate to modify these things but
1) does anybody still develop film?
1) percentage original
1) originality indicator
1) it’s actually rather difficult to get to the copy realm
1) it’s still there, it’s just not real anymore
1) transformed into glass
1) this chaotic mixing must stop
1) don’t get a swell head
1) you can only zoom in so far (on the computer)
1) couldn’t we drop the “Ph.D.”?
1) with apologies, i do not like “clusters” …
1) if you know something, indicate it (or not)
1) fr instance: “voi vittu” means … ?
1) you know you are dealing with a copy because the
original is gone
1) move along, move along
1) this is likely a forward going copy
1) the original still exists somewhere (doesn’t it?)
1) are you looking for a new pal?
1) how do some manage to stay in the light?
1) we need to know: copied?
1) bright moments
1) looking for some junk to collage with?
1) celebrating your birthday alone in the back of a caps van
1) do you love or hate people with money?
1) this is how we are forced to write now
1) why do people hate poetry so much?
1) moss is important (but poetry isn’t)

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