Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FEB 21 2008

1) a sheet of notes
2) gum?
3) the wall we had to stare at for 4 months
4) i’d be curious to see you at work
5) you are not going to be able to budge it
6) you have the thing itself, but so do i.
7) sexy cigarette butts
8) krazy kat “zip!” (it must be love)
9) make your determination
10) i’m glad to see them go
11) you knever know
12) you can actually see the modifications here
13) copy when ready
14) let’s see where this goes.
15) we lost our place
16) this is not a poster
17) here’s the bookmark! (now we’ve lost the book)
18) the art is bad enough, the apparatus is worse

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