Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"zaragas" & "crayzee"

push yourself until you break,
guilt with a capital eye, how
can you not remember this
brilliant thing, anti-defamation
league, professional management,
comma zaum, emanate, still
ongoing, shop like a freak,
stencil of tank with caption:
coming soon…, one is fluxing
again, mailing moving,
zaragas, p-card, least we
forget, if you don’t have
anything to say, wherego,

is the artist still present, the
activity you are doing is obsolete,
microparticle of uncle ray, one
silly, energumen, we thot we spent
every penny, all this flammable
beauty, the being standing
beside its own representation,
oh five was the moment, cept
nothing, crayzee quilt, sort of
like the hula hoop, burger
wheeze house, feel better,
anthropomorphic chest, dog
shoots merfish, for the ride of
your life, that would be a
different, priming the pump,

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