Friday, June 24, 2011

"joric" & "xqepx"

this is not real writing, i’d be
curious to know what this looks
like to your eye, does this special
paper have a name, some of this
looks genuine, you’ve got a stamp
made up, this looks like child’s
play, little love poems, can you
read, alas poor joric, please end
fon, hat meds, kissed trouble,
any photos, this is just an instance,
you’d have to be ezra pound to
understand, maybe if we had a
translator, reads like the i ching,
human seen form, this is your
brain on poetry, the cantos
remixed, text conquers reader,

how do ya do ya, maaf, thanks
for the map, why would you want to
wreck it, hello my name is ugly, hel,
hello my name is ug, hel, hello my
name is ugly too, hell, peq, black
ribbon campaign, grey ribbon
campaign, gray ribbon campaign,
white ribbon campaign, redjuice,
qep, xqepx, blank ribbon campaign,
illusory widening, x with a bar,
silowet, close identity, lisou,
oh you want communication, no
i never remember seeing this
before, where do you dig ‘em up,
the only thing that ever changes,

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