Tuesday, June 07, 2011

"eighteen broom airs"

this font, reproduction day, light
standing still, where it all cont-
in you’d, take a new water course,
eighteen broom airs, they sold!,
station airy station, this t, sound
resistance, time constrains (
constantly rains, nothing to do with
war!, do you see? or do you merely
view?, kore vets, chocolate creeps,
turn it into an original, hem
paper hem, rivet daze, blank
strip, less than half, attention
blank, refiller, paper testing,
a little hope(less, the whole
eighteen, the present relaxed,
ski me, the progress we are not
making, not to destroy frogs,
made you read, pull it’s her,
bargain basement language,
no moment momento, standing
and waiting, is this tonight,
hurl ink, suspect misremembers,
all us dead, capitulating
again, finding something
real between the page of
a book, terrible kids,
finally figuring out the
word means, sold on it, twenty-
nine lines (a day, re end er, a me,

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