Thursday, June 23, 2011


taking yer eye off its hinge, of
things, watch the sky, free viewing,
i’m just talking in my sleep, fee
mailing, travel writing, sell your
seat, start a new town, talking to
people you’d never talk to in real
life, i’m in van, unite the rich ,
to ravel, what are you looking at
this for?, so blake, tet (offensive
one, let it stand, orina arch, the
antidote to anecdote, quota!
unquota!, tune in the next see
be see station, difference
yourself, maybe we should just
keep our thots to ourself, the
only thing they have in common is
genitalia, silv, behind the word
social, stab them with your pen,
so conflictual, wright across
the gap (page, trance later,

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