Monday, June 27, 2011

"periddle" & "art flacks"

the rule was broken and then taped
back together, antique glue, what did
you do to your lip, i am willing to
share with you, plastic thing says
made in canada, ten big names,
dominion automobile association,
hmmm maybe that glue is leaking,
feel the texture see if it speaks,
mister periddle, you can struggle
back, throw away the hologram,
make a genuine effort to sign
your name, vic, a fine wooden top,
you’d think they could put decent
ink in the thing, wad of paper
went thru the wash, you can’t
starve him out, four year ago,

what a pink, lift flap and flip,
the missing nickel, the cops is
all we’ve got, resistries, mere
replication of error, you don’t
even need a resume, no indication
that it might be a copy, this
would be if, the devant garde,
art flacks, the original looks a
little less official, the absolute
original, this gap down here, oil
makes the world go round, odds
are it will come out worse, copy
the samara, scan and destroy,

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