Saturday, June 04, 2011

"class insulators"

indite meant, at the wall of words, the
do be, i think i am .∙.?, any non-knowledge,
a pirate edition, class insulators,
all this blank paper, don’t
remember it being, amiss
remembering, a great big book
about what?, not me, one book or
another, a private edition,
stocking up for the nervous
breakdown, i think i am i, tear
the book in half, the nothing that
makes an imp(ression on us, new
be trance personal skills,
thinking of ungrading, do
one as fast as possible, some
climb!, message mutating,
can’t find ourself, if you
don’t get to these things these
things will get to you,
wanna see yer name in
print?, new mined, the end
come back, not finishing, take
the finish off,

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