Friday, June 10, 2011

"a fidelous code"

it’s fixed!, easy to speak, poster imp
p roper, title is what?, is that a
ton of demons eatin’ ya?, beatitude
beauty, big eh?, recycled out of
what?, any non-word, to be
different, other side of the tracks,
jam the machine, an outlet,
credible problems, other wise,
a fidelous code, duplicand o,
it’s a machine envelope, ten
digit number, from time to
time, imp ear a schizm, the
barred guy, vat details,
an english heart (to the core,
commerce language,
wrappt yer, coloured star
writing, textual foray,
packaging packaging
packaging, away from babies
and children, washing dark
colours separately, it’s an
ideas, any is nil, more is some,
that was eye, ten years
overdue, ten years under you,
weathering nights, one we
spare, sez nothing, some
intertwine memories, to be!,
not at same number, still sells,

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