Wednesday, June 08, 2011

"eleison" & "soos"

megagerms, number than thou, seem
to have lost interest in this text,
slap down a slab of, one does not
approve, i feel all pixellated,
put it over on, in the field for
two weeks at a stretch, heel mit,
unitard dot, see train run, say it
with, eight senses, this would
work, eleison, something else is
working harder, wacom, one can
afford not to suffer, if you
can keep your consumption
down, performance-défilé,

there is nowhere to start, etz, look
down the road a piece, network
networth, still plenty blankwise, the
fatal illness of money, recognize
pornography when you see it, it’s just
a bunch of lines, a few short
phrases, leap ahead to the now,
the progress we just made, grindwork,
one is still not happy, afore ya
kick, our actual one, gaze into
the ear, the envelope has served
its purpose, building it from
nothing, old issues press, truck
with truck, just open the door
and roll out, fun ding, soos,

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