Thursday, June 02, 2011


ruckseite beachten, every replication of the mona lisa, we got
lost in time there for a moment, wall-to-wall literature, how
can you read with the sun shining into your eye, microproblems:
coffee droplets caught in moustache, we went insane a long time
ago, primary communication, you can watch the geniuses crank
out works by the thousands, and nobody else wanted to play, is
this an error i see before me, why can’t you just be yourself
you lunatic, we don’t often think of moss, ozzenberg trademark,
typewriting is the human touch, society for the prevention of
insanity, my evil hand, my loving hand, why do you feel obliged
to hammer away at this text, facile text, this text is cooked,
toner spray paint, one is compacted, nothing remains but a few
flecks of toner, pinging and ponging thru the network, the feed
out tray,

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