Saturday, June 11, 2011

"datamation" & "kultcha"

obviously pirated material,
honour thy, toilet paper can be
impossible to find when off
the beaten track, the light
is missing, what does the word
covenant mean, down with big
brother, there is nothing
realistic about violence, the
blue pigs, op-centre, datamation,
blue gold, you might be elsewhere,
tak jest dobrze, creating dust,
jockstrap with genuine fur lining,
read right to the bitter end,

indicate degree of currentness,
one has become obsolete, genuine
paper, dayglo reality, dayglo
red, inl, usable trim, b, soju,
haboob, guyliner, kultcha,
varietal cuts, bbvc, northwest
by northwest, arbitrary zero,
we were sitting pretty,

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